Adette Bos

133kg to qualifying for World Championships, Adette Bos grabbed her future and ran (or cycled) with it.

After being overweight her whole life, she made the decision to take control. In 2017 she entered a “biggest loser” competition at work and won by losing 20kg over 3 months.

Initially starting her journey with CrossFit, she later learned through a Gene Test that she should be doing endurance sports. She switched to cycling after being invited by a friend to do Cape Town Cycle Tour. She finished in a time of 3h45.

Through hard work, dedication, healthy eating and training it took her 3 years to shake 60kgs.

A year and a half into her cycling, she has her mind set at becoming a professional road cyclist who is part of team and competes in monumental overseas races. Her goal is to compete at the Olympics.

This year she qualified for World Championships after podiuming at various road events.

“I strive to become better and better. I see every day as a fresh new opportunity to be better than yesterday.”

Coached by Dr. Jeroen Swart, Adette feels that he has played a major role in her cycling journey so far. “He is such a great mentor and supports me all the way. What I’ve accomplished in such a short time is thanks to his brilliant training plans and pep talks along the way.”

She loves the feeling of being strong and fit.
“I train every morning before work. I love it. I see it as part of my life – it gives me energy and makes me happy.”

Follow Adette’s journey as she looks to make her dreams come true.

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