Alicia van Rooyen would watch Zola Budd warm up before events. “I would secretly watch her and always wished I could just give her a high five for her hard work and dedication.”

A runner since a young age, Alicia finds joy in being a role model to her 3 boys and believes that even if you have to crawl whilst doing it, still be grateful and stay positive.

She took a brief brake from running a couple years back due to medical reasons and her son being in a bad accident. But in 2019 she made her come back.

Running influences the way she deals with life.

“Doing ultra runs has taught me to excel at work with difficult days and deadlines; I perform well under pressure. It makes your head strong and gives you the ability to deal better with situations in general.”

Her dream is to do the AMUK challenge in 2023 but fund raising for it is her biggest challenge.

“I’ve tried all sports, even though I wasn’t good in all of them it made me feel like a winner just taking part. Encouraged and motivated by others. It brings people together.”

Head to @alicia_the_runner to follow her journey.

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