The 36-year-old Brand Director believes that the only way out, is through.

Facing her fear of open water swimming while participating in 70.3 Ironman events in Durban and Ruwanda, Amy Hopkins learnt that practice builds confidence. “Consistently putting in the work builds physical and mental strength and accomplishing something new (and difficult) teaches confidence and trust in yourself and your body (your mind needs training too).

Amy stepped into an active lifestyle in her late 20’s to combat anxiety. Participating in trail running and triathlon helped fulfil her need for community. “I had a desire to grow and change and experience life differently.” She also loves that sport brings about freedom, adventure, shared experience.

“I had this moment while I was swimming in Like Kivu – one of the great African lakes – and I felt this centre-ing feeling. A tiny human in a massive body of water in the heart of Africa, in Rwanda.”

Amy hopes to live a healthy life and keep doing her favourite sports for many, years to come – and possibly have coffee with Courtney Dauwalter, to pick her brain.

When asked what keeps her motivated, her response was, “I get to live this life. I have the privilege of time and gear and a supportive partner. I can choose to be where I am – on a mountain, in the bush, in the sea, sweating, conquering… These are all privileges. And I’m grateful for them and this gratitude keeps me showing up for myself.”

Amy enjoys greeting passing runners and cyclists, and finds inspiration through the common goal of living life passionately.

“It’s a necessary thing – it keeps me stable, happy, grounded. My life cannot be without some form of activity.”

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