Anja-Voné van der Colff

“It is the normal people who motivate me. Those with a job and family responsibilities who find time to go for a run or cycle.”

Anja-Voné van der Colff, founding partner of @dirtaddictsa found her love for being active in the community around her. Those like-minded and driven to better themselves (whatever that looks like to them).

“Being active is vital to me. It is part of staying healthy, clearing my mind and what my business is built on.”

Having taken on the challenge of doing her first Ironman 70.3 this year, she has found a strength within herself to get up and try again when it gets hard.

“You don’t know what you don’t know, so take time to research and allow yourself to learn through mistakes.”

It was after Covid that she really felt the need to live a healthier lifestyle and feels energized and inspired after a workout.

Her standout memories have been the small victories – riding her first 50km and running her first 10km. Something she never thought she would ever do.

“It’s great to have a goal and work towards it. Write it down, break it up and plan on how to get there.”

Anja has done just that.

With a week until Iroman Mossel Bay, she’s put in the work and all that’s left to do is just do it.

Cheer her on!

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