Ashraf Orrie

His standout memory is being called out to be tested by Doping SA at the Comrades.

While only elite athletes get tested, Ashraf believes a complaint was laid against him.

If there’s a big running or triathlon event, you’ll probably find Ashraf there.

And that’s what people can’t seem to understand about the ever-smiling, friendly guy. His ability to participate at so many events.

Better known as Mr O, Ashraf Orrie can be found on the trails or track, surrounded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts.

When asked what keeps him going everyday, his response is simple.

“I set goals for myself and encourage others to do it with me. Basically I commit myself to others on getting them through it.”

He is also encouraged by the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life, religion, race and ethnicity.

“So many people have become close. Some have become training friends, some have become business clients. Being active in sport has opened so many doors for me.”

Because of his encouraging nature, he is inspired to share what trails are like with others and to get them involved.

He clearly just loves being part of an active community.

As for his doping result – it was negative.

Follow Ashraf’s adventures.

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