Forced to participate in school sports, Basheer Omardien never really enjoyed any of the traditional activities. When he reached university, he focused all his energy on his studies.

In 2009 he turned to rugby to escape the pressure that he was under but suffered a spinal injury the lead him to becoming a rugby referee instead. To increase his fitness, him and his brothers would run in his neighbourhood at sunset which kickstarted a journey of mental and physical balance.

When age met running injuries in 2017, he opted to cycle but then experienced the thing we all as cycles dread, being robbed.

Fearing to ride or run for over a year, he decided to join a weekly group which helped him regain his confidence to run and cycle alone again.

After many years of not enjoying sport, he now finds inspiration, togetherness, camaraderie and the banter in it.

“I always meet new/different people wherever I go, and I also reconnect with people I know from my hometown and primary school. Whether it’s at races, training or just a leg stretch, Ubuntu comes into practice. If I don’t have a race goal on the day, I do my best to help others reach the finish line. I don’t like to leave people behind.”

The 36-year-old Search Media Evaluator maximizes his work flexibly to now incorporate his training activity into his daily routine because he believes that health is our most valuable asset.

Basheer hopes to one day complete a full Ironman and will now always sets life goals that keeps him adventuring.

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