Chris Hitchock Media

If you have participated in a number of running, cycling or triathlons, chances are you’ve probably been captured by Chris.

The adventure, action and sports photographer lives up to his title.

You will often find him hopping over rocks, submerged in a pool of water, jumping out of bushes or zooming around on the back of a motorcycle looking for the most creative action shots for his clients.

He also sports an interesting past.

“I have toured the world, raced cars, been a policeman (seriously) and competed in triathlons (including Ironman).”

He has had work published in major magazines all over the world and shot for some of the top sportswear brands and magazines on the planet.

Just go take a look at his social media or website. You will spot a couple familiar faces.

Having worked with him for a number of years, we can vouch for his extreme professionalism, sharp sense of humour and ability to find the most interesting angles.

Extremely easy to work with, he is able to guide you through your projects while just as happy to follow your brief.

In a world filled with happy-snappers, he truly is a gem.

Take a look at his work:

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