David Bellairs

In 1988, David Bellairs, took up cycling. The [then] funrider enjoyed social rides that was accompanied by coffee and croissants (we all know about that lifestyle).

He realized that he was losing the battle to the “middle age spread” and needed to do something about it. In 2011, he met partner and committed runner, Nicky who added running to his lifestyle.

The hardest thing that Dave has had to overcome is the pushing through the mental pain barriers that often seem impossible.

At the age of 60, his is still exploring those boundaries with having participated in highlight events, such as the Unogwaja Challenge, Racing the Planet Iceland, Iron Man PE and Racing the Planet Georgia. [His first sub 3 Cycle Tour made it to his favourite memories list too].

“Sport allows me to explore the boundaries of my own physical and mental capabilities. The life lessons learned through sport are so incredibly valuable in being able to deal with both personal and work issues. Mental fortitude is something I have been able to build through pushing my own personal boundaries in sport. Quite apart from anything else sport allows us to live a balanced life with exercise offsetting the rigours of living life generally.”

Creating a lifestyle that includes being activate is a no-brainer for many but often a challenge for others. The Director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust has made it a priority when it comes to living his life fully, actively, and passionately.

“Sport is intricately interwoven into my life through my job and as part of living a balanced life of socialising and exercising.”

No doubt, there’ll be many more adventures in Dave’s life. We wish him well in pushing those boundaries!

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