Hazel Magill

Hazel Magill completed her first marathon in a pram.

No older than 2 years old, her dad started her sporting career by taking her on runs with him.

He was involved in many different sports and encouraged her love for sport.

Now, with the ability to travel, meet new people, learn new languages, experience new cultures and grow, Hazel looks to sport as a massive part of her life.

“All the coffee in the world couldn’t give the same feel-good feeling as what you get from being active in the morning.”

Hazel is a passionate road cyclist who has competed in Europe and co-founded a local women’s cycling team, @teamreachforrainbows

Her favourite memory is of her racing in Germany in 2016 (focused on MTB at the time, with no coach) finished 7th in a road race. She was disqualified for bunny hopping a pavement to avoid a crash. A couple days later she guest rode a tour in Czeck for a Dutch team and finished 2nd last. They signed her anyway.

She headed to Holland were she was dropped in 2 races. Feeling frustrated, she decided that if she was going to get dropped again, she might as well create havoc. “Bleeding through my eyeballs”, she attacked. Got caught. Attacked again. For 80km, she did this and eventually was dropped with 2 laps to go.

This mindset change inspired a new confidence and she proceeded to podium or finish in the top 10 in the races that followed.

She won the best youngest rider jersey in a tour and found the taste to want to win.

While she hasn’t won a race in Europe, it is on her goals list, and hopes to have the opportunity soon.

Her life long dream is to inspire a generation.

“If I can look back on my life someday and say I could inspire just one person, it doesn’t matter how old, I’d be content.”

She recently realized how much her little brother looked up to her. Unfortunately, he passed away after a tragic car accident.

“I didn’t have the opportunity to acknowledge that he looked up to me, so I would like to continue being that person to honor his memory.”

Driven to excel at racing and build an inspiring environment around her, she works each day to make it happen.

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