The first time that Imelda van den Berg crossed the finish line at Cape Town Cycle Tour, she was so proud that she started crying.

What you should know about Imelda is that 10 years ago, she considered herself to be obese. She was dissatisfied with her life and really struggled with her weight.

She decided to make a change and work at becoming the best version of herself.

“In 2012, I started moving my body a bit. It was very foreign at that stage. My main goal was enjoyment and longevity.”

Over the years, Imelda has learnt to love her body, and now finds enjoyment in being active each day.

“It’s my go to for stress management, overall health and just being a happier person.”

She now regularly runs, cycles, walks, goes to the gym, and hikes. Anything that allows for connecting with other people, nature and her Creator. She has worked out what kind of balance she needs for her life to sustain her happiness and weight.

What she loves about sport is the feel good endorphins, adrenaline rush, and all the laughs with like minded people that support her goals. Also, the beautiful outdoor views.

The person who has influenced her active lifestyle the most is cousin, Lorenzo Delano, and is inspired by local mountain biking hero, Mariske Strauss, who she recently met.

We asked Imelda what her dream is and response was; “To give others the gift that I have been given. The gift to really start believing that you are a few small daily habits away from creating the life you have always wanted. Then believing in them till they start believing in themselves.”

Imelda’s story is one of choice, courage and determination.

“Suffering is not always a bad thing, it really does make you stronger but it should never replace the joy you get out of your training.”

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