Lance Dhlakama

“In grade 1, I walked home from school. Instead of taking the bus I decided to walk the distance which was a 3-4 hour walk. I could not do any sports at school given travel time going back home up until Grade 6.”

Lance Dhlakama’s dream is to become a professional athlete. It started the moment he decided to challenge himself by walking home from school.

The ever smiling, warrior-built, ball of energy is always up for a passionate conversation about achieving life goals.

Driven to help others achieve their goals through personal training, he is also determined to follow his dreams in rugby.

“I believe that fitness is a sport. I get to do it almost every single day.”

Lance comes from a family of fitness enthusiasts.

“I came 3rd in my first athletic 100m sprint race from there my mom would take me for runs and I became competitive with myself.”

Lance’s mom, and biggest hero, watched every single event or game in Grade 6. She travelled to every single school – close or far. He recalls this as his fondest memory.

What keeps him going everyday?
“Knowing that Jesus Christ saved me and being alive right now is my opportunity.”

Lance says that staying active gives him a deeper understanding of his mental and physical capabilities. It is a privilege to have the mental awareness and drive to train.

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