Lindiwe Mkhwanazi

Lindiwe, or better know as “Lee” in her circles, is an aspiring Triathlete.

Having always felt like a “chubby child”, she started her fitness journey in Varsity with running and going to the gym. Her objective was to lose weight but found so much more than that in being active.

She hopes to complete her first Ironman 70.3 in November. Dedicated to her training programme, she either fits in her training before work (and mother duties) or after work.

When not training she makes sure to get active with her daughter, who is one of her biggest supporters. “She is the reason I always look forward to another day, to do things differently and being a better mom for her. She motivates me to leave my comfort zone and strive for greater heights.”

Sport has taught her about commitment, discipline, endurance and in the process has connected her to diverse people, who she now calls friends.

“I have seen and been to many places through sport and I have learnt and benefited a lot from sports other than just losing weight.”

If there’s one personality Lee could meet, it would be Serena Williams and finds inspiration in herself and those in her active circle.

What keeps her going everyday is her faith, daughter, partner and family (who always reassure her that “she’s got this”.

Lee’s favourite accomplishment is when she completed her first Cape Town Cycle Tour under 5 hours (4:57), which included a fall at around 70km. She now wears a scare on her face proudly in reminder of a great day.

Filled with grit, Lee is made to endure and triumph.
Follow her: @lindeewelee

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