Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas is a great example of a super mom.

Born into a sporting family, her favourite childhood memory is completing the Sanlam Cycle Tour with her father and brother. Her father would ride it with them every second year.

This memory sparks one she hopes to create herself – to complete Wines to Whales with her husband, father and brother.

The starting point would be to get a bicycle.
But being a mom to an active husband and two highly active children, it’s a juggle as to who gets the next bicycle.

That hasn’t held her back. While she considers herself to be a lifestyle athlete (not as competitive as her husband and eldest son) that doesn’t mean she hasn’t knocked her own goals out of the park.

She completed the Cape Town Marathon for the first time in 2019, going back in 2020 and 2021, shaving 5 minutes from her previous times. Promising to train harder for the year to follow.

The annual tradition is to participate in the Knysna Oyster Festival Half Marathon where she has managed a PB each year. The first year, she thought she was dying, while her friends Elize and Nadia Loubser cheered her on to the finish line.

Being a business owner and a full-time mom, she’s learnt to schedule her training into her Outlook Calendar, treating it as a meeting. As a family, they’ve realized that communication, planning and route is the key to a happy life.

To keep herself accountable, Michelle signed up with Live Well Coaching, and trains on a regular basis to achieve the goals she has set for herself.

“Operating in a demanding business industry, being active helps me de-stress. I also love how sport can connect people and I’m addicted to the post training endorphins!”

Erika Basson and Gerda Steyn are two women who inspire Michelle. Probably because of their ability to persevere, a quality that is clearly in Michelle too.

What is important to this family? “We have agreed that our values are healthy, active living and as a team, work together to make the Thomas family dream work.”


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