Nicola Walker

“Attack when you can’t. My first coach said that to me, and it has always stuck. Not that I can always follow those instructions, I can relate to it. If I am feeling tired and at my limit, the rest of the group probably is too.”

Nicola “Nix” Walker, mother of two, has only missed 2 Cape Town Cycle Tours in 20 years, has completed 2 Cape Pioneers, 3 Cape Epics and Tankwa Treks – to name a few.

She met her husband well into her cycling career and he has become her number one supporter, encouraging her to race even when she has felt that she can’t. Just as crazy for cycling, he sacrifices his own races to take care of the kids so that she can race.

Being a full-time working mom can make things a little tricky when both parents love to cycle but they strategically alternate between indoors and outdoors to allow for the daily training routine. Setting an example is important for the cycling-obsessed household as both kids have taken to the sport themselves, loving the singletrack and watching mom race.

While Nix loves the social aspect of riding, she also loves to improve her performance. Whether it be a Strava segment, event or training session she is always looking to better herself.

The @teamreachforrainbows rider can often be found zooming past at an event splashed with a broad smile on her face, in her pink helmet and glasses.

What does it take to get her off her bike?
“I took some time off the bike to have my babies, but I missed being on the bike and challenging myself.”

Her fondest memory is crossing the finish line of her last Epic with her partner and receiving her Amabubesi medal – an incredible achievement.

What’s next for the cycling mom?
Follow her to see.

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