In high school, Simphiwe (aka Sims) Tanga, achieved what seemed an impossible goal.

He was invited to join a team competing in the Vodacom League. This memory set the tone for his life.

Born into a competitive soccer family, the 33-year-old Quantity Surveyor and business owner, now finds pleasure in cycling.

He jumped onto a bike in 2021, and now aspires to race internationally. His aspirations are backed up by a work-hard attitude.

“Sport in general has taught me that your desired or expected output is dependent on your input. You can’t just “wish or want” to achieve something without working for it.”

When not training or working, he focuses on his personal growth and making things possible for others.

“Whether it is by service, knowledge or materially, it really comes naturally to me. Being less equipped means that sometimes it’s difficult, so I must always keep improving because growth will put me in a position where I can add value to others.”

Sims identifies cyclists from Khaltsha and helps them with training, transport, and equipment wherever he can because he believes that endurance sport brings out the best in a person.

Sport has also helped him manage depression.

“Studying my anxiety attacks, I got to understand how the mind controls the body.

When we experience something bad, we tend to engrave it into our minds by means of multiple thoughts. These thoughts form a neurological pattern that become our undesired mindset which is filled with flashbacks of the past events.

By programming my mind with new thoughts on a regular basis, thoughts opposite to what brought me misery, I was able to overcome depression.

Being physically active also helped reduce my anxiety levels. Running 30 to 45km became one of the best reset buttons for my body.”

Highly competitive, Sims finds inspiration in Michael Jordan’s life story.

“He is a typical example of a mediocre athlete who transformed into being one of the world’s best athletes ever witnessed.”

Meeting this driven individual, you’ll experience a gentle, genuine natured guy who not only cares about his own dreams, but of those around him.

Give him a follow, and better yet, reach out to him.

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