Sinead Wannenburg

“Hey, you are healthy, keep going.”

Three years ago Sinead’s mom passed away from cancer at the age of 48.

It was a major reality check to how short life is and she explains that the experience was sudden and surreal.

Since then, it has been her driving force to take on any opportunity she gets.

A qualified Graphic Designer in the cycling industry, challenged by daily deadlines and stresses, Sinead finds her release by hitting the indoor trainer after work and the outdoors over weekends.

Along with her cycling fanatic of a fiancé, they find happiness in bike packing together as well as racing in the tandem category competitively.

“I’m going to be a beast on my next ride,” she thinks to herself when seeing the results of her training.

Having started cycling at the age of 15 with her uncle, Sinead Wannenburg started taking her cycling more seriously in her 20’s when the addiction of races kicked in.

“There’s just something rewarding about accomplishing a race goal.”

Over the past 3 years she has focused on her mental health and looked to sport to bring her the balance.

“Participating in a sport makes you part of that “family”. You all share the same emotions when conquering a hill, thrills when going fast and the endless joy of doing something that excites you.”

When not competing, Sinead and Dewald (the cycling fanatical fiancé) plan their world bike traveling.

Sinead wants to remain active until she is old and when things feel a little low, she looks to her mom for motivation and the words, “hey, you are healthy, keep going.”

When asked what her favourite quote is, it is very much related to the motivation she finds from the thought of her mom.

“Keep going. You never know how strong you are until you look back at everything you’ve overcome.”

We can all relate.

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