Suzanne “Fiela” Dixon

It was the final ball of the game, and her team needed 2 runs to win. Winning or losing this game rested squarely on her shoulders and she didn’t want to disappoint her coach and teammates. As the ball hit the deck, she timed her swing and swung her bat with everything she had. The ball raced to the boundary, and they won the game.

“It was the best feeling ever!” Shares Suzanne Dixon, or better known by friends as “Fiela”.  

Inspired by her mom, Fiela loves all things sport and coaching and naturally pursued her B Ed (Hons) and qualified in coaching swimming, cricket, and netball.

While she currently works for her husband’s Construction Company, helping with the business accounting and admin, she keeps active while on site and coaches on the side.

You’ll often find Fiela on her mountain bike or in the gym because she believes that being active is the best medicine to anything.

“It is part of my daily routine. The early morning gym sessions do a lot to get the blood flowing and then I feel confident, energetic, and ready for anything that comes up for the rest of the day.”

She is grateful to have the opportunity to participate in sport because she loves the friendships that she’s been able to build along the way.

“With an introverted personality, it is sometimes difficult to meet people, but because of an active lifestyle I have built the most legit friendships. Those friendships that support you and boost your confidence are everything.”

Fiela says the hardest thing she’s had to overcome is her own mind, not be too hard on herself and to realize that her best is already enough.

Her biggest dream is to ride the ABSA Cape Epic and lives by the philosophy, “you can’t improve if you only work on the days you feel good.”

We look forward to seeing her cross that finish line someday.

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