Tegan Philips

Imagine being able to ride up the side of the FNB building in Cape Town CBD – from the base, all the way to the top.

Now do this 64 times.
Obviously, not on the side of a building, but rather a quiet stretch of hill.

Why would you do this?
It’s called Everesting.
Riding your bicycle up and down the same hill until you accumulate approximately 9000m of elevation gain. Take a look at the FNB building and try picture how much climbing that is.

Tegan Phillips and a few friends did just this, only it was a bunch of women and it became the inaugural Sheveresting. This is one one of her stand out memories because it was incredible to see so many women nailing such a physically demanding feat.

What does it feel like to accomplish something like that? We’ll let Tegan answer that some time but for now we’ll focus on getting to know her.

Most days you’ll find Tegan outdoors, riding her bike, taking a swim in the ocean, going for walk or doing yoga because being outdoors is her favourite way to spend time with people.

“I love to be be fully engaged in my body: movement, fresh air, blood flowing – it feels so healthy.”

What she loves about sport is the way that it connects people who might not otherwise have opportunities to connect.

The ultra endurance cyclists has taken on some incredible challenges like riding 500km in one day and riding from Melbos to the Namibian board and back. Pretty darn inspiring, right?

What keeps her going every day is gratitude and probably the fact that she is surrounded by some extraordinary people.

Her dad being her original riding partner, her Wintergreen Barrier Breakers team mates who have been a positive influence and coach, Reece, who has helped her get stronger on the bike.

Her dream is much like most: “I dream of living a happy life and encouraging others to do the same.”

Oh and fyi, she’s also a really great cartoonist.
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