Toni Mould

Toni Mould’s standout memories are racing at the Tokyo Paralympics and when she won silver in the 2017 World Champs Road Race.

Having started cycling in 2013 and racing in 2015, Toni has found an inseparable love for riding her bicycle.

The South African Paracyclist works part time as a dental typist and is passionate about mentoring other athletes.

Born with Cerebral Palsy and a bigger than life personality, Toni doesn’t hold herself back from achieving her goals.

Determined to attend another Paralympics, she works hard to improve her cycling.

But cycling doesn’t only fulfill her passion, it also helps her to keep her joints strong, muscles activated and body healthy.

It also ensures that she experiences the necessary freedom that we all long for.

The 38 year old hopes to qualify for the Paris Paralympics in 2024 by racking up points at the various events in lead which requires substantial funding.

It is near impossible but that doesn’t hold her back.

“The best part of being at Paralympics is to be amongst people like me. I feel like I can breath.”

Her faith is what keeps her going everyday and hopes to one day be able to have a proper sit down chat with @ashleighcycling and to meet @rogerfederer

The story of Toni is an incredible one, and it’s no where close to done.

Give her a follow or support her attempts to see another event through her BackaBuddy campaign (see her profile).

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