Travis Warwick-Oliver is an ultra-trail runner, thrill-seeker, founder of Rejuvenate SA and personal trainer.

Thriving on being outdoors his entire life, the hardest thing he has had to overcome is adjusting to running with one leg.

In 2020 he fought for his life. After a bike accident that involved pushing his limits, he shattered his right foot, broke his back and fractured his left foot. He lost his right leg from the knee down due to the incident.

Inspired by Jacky Hunt-Broersma, a fellow below the knee amputee who also runs, Travis plans to run international races to raise awareness for people with disabilities.

“Having disability aids is a luxury here in South Africa,” he says.

He uses running to help drive his foundation, which core purpose is to provide mobility (movement) to underprivileged people in South Africa.

Sitting still is not an option for the 30-year-old. “I love the places running takes me, the people I get to meet and the demons I can fight in my head while suffering out there. I’m a very driven person. I guess I just can’t keep still, when I do, my mind wonders too much.”

While he has big dreams and aspirations to fulfil, he has already found a great deal of success.

“Standing on the start line of UTD 100 miler 2022 only a year and a few months after having my right leg amputated. Just being at the start line of this race was a victory itself.”

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